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Silver Jewellery Making Courses and Handmade Silver Jewellery

You have been given a Silver Jewellery Boat making day voucher as a gift?

You are keen to join us on one of our popular ring/ bangle/ pendant or earring making days?

To redeem your voucher simply choose a date from the list and email

February 2019

Sunday 3rd (0 spaces currently available)     Sunday 10th (2 spaces currently available)  , Saturday 23rd (0 spaces currently available) Thursday 28th (4 spaces currently available) 

March 2019

Wednesday 6th (4 spaces currently available)  , Sunday 17th (3 spaces currently available), Wednesday 27th (4 spaces currently available)

April 2019

Wednesday 3rd (4 spaces currently available), Saturday 13th (3 spaces currently available) Sunday 28th (4 spaces  currently available)

Jewellery courses only run when we have confirmed bookings of 2 – 4 people on a particular date.

If you have a voucher, and have a friend or two who will pay to join you, then choose any available date from the calendar page.

If dates do not attract bookings of more than one person then the individual will be contacted (one week before) to choose another date (see updated list on website

Looking forward to hearing from you.