Earrings, Studs & Drops

Earrings, Studs & Drops


Earrings –some close work with very small parts
Choose from either stud or drop earrings. You will practice first with some copper sheet and wire then learn  learn to cut, shape and finish a pair of  earrings from the provided material.
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Drop earrings

Experiment with texture and shape as you cut, form and finish a pair of drop earrings to your own design from the sheet material. Drill a hole for the links and ear wire which you will have also made by yourself. You will learn to mark out a shape, cut the metal with shears and a saw, file the pieces to shape and add texture with abrasives and punches. You will use polishing machines to achieve a matt or mirror finish


Stud earrings

Practicing first with copper sheet, then silver, you will learn to cut, shape and finish a pair of stud earrings from the provided material. Choose a shape from the stencils or design and draw your own. When your earrings are cut and polished, find out how to solder the ear posts using a butane torch and silver solder. Next they will need ten minutes in the pickle and it’s tea and biscuit time! Give them a clean and a final polish and take them home!.

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20th November, 21st December, 31st January, 22nd March