Looking ahead on The Silver Jewellery Boat.

Looking ahead on The Silver Jewellery Boat.

The word is getting about and this has been a very busy summer on board The Silver Jewellery Boat. A lot of new students have enjoyed a day learning and developing their skill to make their own silver jewellery. It’s all worked out rather well and the floating workshop has coped with the busy days through the heat.

Also this summer . . .

We’ve reached our goal and obtained a massive 50 (53 as of today) positive reviews on our Craft Courses and we now have our Platinum certificate proudly on display in the workshop. Thank you for the positive and “constructive” feedback

We hosted our first and very successful “wedding ring making day” with the the happy couple making each others’ silver wedding rings. Lovely people and a great day on the boat. We wish them the very best for the future.more jewelllery making adventures

Now it has cooled down a little (thank goodness!) so we look forward to lighting the fire, getting rather cosy and welcoming more silver jewellery students on board The Silver Jewellery Boat for more jewellery making adventures.

Hope you can join us!