About our Silver Jewellery Courses

Silver Jewellery Making Courses and Handmade Silver Jewellery

The courses are designed to help you succeed in your jewellery making and also have some fun!

If you have an idea of something else you would like to make please email with details. We will do what we can to accommodate your ideas although please remember that we currently work in silver and do not set stones.

Silver Ring Making – ideal for beginners

You start with some wire bending, practicing in copper, you will learn how to size and solder a simple wire ring. You will then use a small sheet of copper to develop cutting and shaping skills. That will lead onto some practise adding texture, letter/ number stamping and polishing.

After a slice of cake or two, you will use your newly acquired skills to make a simple silver plain band. With careful measuring and some accurate filing your ring will fit perfectly! You will choose from flat, round, oval or “D” section material.

Add a date or personal message on the inside of the band. You will learn to use the butane torch to solder the ring join before final shaping and polishing.

Silver Flat Bangle – ideal for beginners

You will be introduced to some basic workshop tools and use them to make a simple flat open bangle. You will start working in copper wire and sheet to develop your metalworking skills.

You will learn to cut to size and shape, file and polish, adding texture with punches and hammers. You will practise using the letter and number stamps to personalise your jewellery.

Jewellery making can be hard on the eyes – best thing is a stop for cake.

Once refreshed, take your strip of silver and turn it into a beautiful piece of personalised jewellery!

Silver Wire Bangle – suitable for beginners

You start off working in copper wire and sheet, learning to use tools and getting to know the feel of working with metal.

You will be given a length of 3mm diameter silver wire. You will learn how to hammer and flatten it on the steel block. You will then cut it to length and finish the ends. Add texture with the hammer and punches or file to a smooth finish. You will use the polishing motor to get a mirror finish. Bend it around a former and give it a final polish. You end up with a very simple but attractive open bangle that you have made yourself!

Soldered Silver Chain Bracelet – a course for those with good hand/ eye coordination

Practice using the copper wire creating a series of shapes and textures. Learn to use the butane torch to solder the rings closed. You will learn how to use basic workshop tools to cut, shape, join and finish the metal components that will go together to make a beautiful necklace or bracelet. As your chain making skills progress you will find yourself “getting into the zone” and it’s sometimes hard to stop! Once you have your sections, give them a polish. Join them up with the jump rings you have also made to assemble a bracelet or necklace.

If time allows add a simple charm made from silver sheet.

Stud Earrings good fun and suitable for beginners but some close work with very small parts

Practicing first with copper sheet and wire, you will learn to cut, shape and finish a pair of stud earrings from the provided material. Choose a shape from the stencils or design and draw your own.

When your shapes are cut and polished, you will solder the ear posts using a butane torch. They will need ten minutes in the pickle and it’s tea and cake time! Give them a clean and a final polish and take them home!


Drop Earrings – suitable for beginners

You will use copper wire and sheet to develop you metal working skills and confidence. Then, experiment with texture and shape as you cut, form and finish a pair of drop earrings to your own design from the supplied silver sheet material. Drill a hole for the links and ear wire which you will have also made by yourself. You will learn to mark out a shape, cut the metal with shears and a saw, file the pieces to shape and add texture with abrasives and punches. You will use polishing machines to achieve a matt or mirror finish.

Stacking Rings – suitable for beginners


Develop your ring sizing and texturing skills while practicing with copper wire. Learn how to cut, polish and the 2mm diameter join metal. You will enjoy this fairly straight forward activity and find it easy to add your own design ideas. Once formed your rings (3 with an option to buy more metal if you would like to make more) use the hammers and punches to decorate and texture the rings in your own way. Then it’s a quick whizz on the polishing machines and you will take away a set of rings that you have made yourself!