Hi. My name is Jonathan Kettle and The Silver Jewellery Boat is my independent one-man business.

**At the moment (July 2020) I’m running my classes from a land based studio.**

I came from an engineering background, then somehow ended up working in education for many, many years. Now I combine my skills and experience, teaching small groups of people the skills and methods needed to make their own silver jewellery.

I’ve always loved the history, architecture and ambience of the UK canal system with its narrow boats and industrial heritage, so when a chance came along I bought my own boat and lived on board for a few years. I planned to train as a blacksmith but discovered through a friend, that jewellery making has some very similar skills, is much more practical on a 7ft wide narrowboat, and is a lot quieter – which is a bonus for the neighbours!
Sitting on board a cosy narrowboat making jewellery, with the fire lit and the wildlife passing the window, is a wonderful way to spend time – and it’s that experience that I aim to provide for you. My main aim is for you to have a really nice day out. The cake and nice coffee are important, but to
help you to be successful and enjoy your jewellery making is what I really work hard at to achieve.

I welcome to join me on board The Silver Jewellery Boat for your special day out!